This time of year can be erratic with storms of all types: rain, sleet, hail, ice, snow – blowing in and out of town at random, as well as “out of town storm chasers” that go door-to-door claiming to help you with storm damage!  By following these simple steps, you can avoid falling for a scam or ending up with an outrageous bill.

Step One – Contact your Insurance Company!

Remember: in the event of storm damage to your property, contact your insurance company first.  They typically have a list of preferred companies they recommend that you use for service.

Step Two – Ask for a Missouri State Business License Number.

Asking the service provider for their Missouri State Business License Number ensures that you are speaking with a valid Missouri company.  You can also visit to see if the company is active in Missouri.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  Reclaim Services of St. Louis is a preferred vendor for most insurance companies in Missouri and Illinois, and we work closely with your insurance company so that there are no surprise costs at the end.

We always recommend calling a reputable provider–like Reclaim Services of St. Louis– but in the haste of hiring, keep these quick tips handy in order to keep you, your property, and your wallet protected!

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