The Saint Louis region has been hit with an unusually cold, and long winter. This can mean catastrophic short and long-term damages to your home. If you haven’t there’s still time to weatherproof your home! Follow these 6 quick and easy steps to stay cozy warm all winter long and save a little on your electric bill.

 Six Easy Steps

  1. Insulate Windows and Doors
    Have you noticed any cracks leaking in cold air? You can easily seal those up! Use a transparent weather-sealing tape to fill those leaks.
  2. Invest in a door sweep
    The exterior doors of your home are a major culprit for letting in cold air. Apply a door sweep to the bottom of the doors with nails or an adhesive no-tools needed installation. Shop Brewer’s True Value for a door sweep!
  3. Seal Attics and Crawl Spaces
    Attics and crawl spaces are notorious for being cold. By sealing these areas, you can eliminate the formation of mold, fungus, and bacteria. When properly sealed, your attic and crawl spaces cleaner, dryer, and more energy efficient.
  4. Decor Updates
    Is your home still a little chilly? Replacing your everyday curtains with thick, heavy duty curtains will make a big difference. Adding a rug in rooms with hardwood floors will also warm the room up!
  5. Check Your Roof
    Stand outside and look at your roof. Do you notice any loose tiles? Don’t attempt to climb onto your roof in dicy weather, call a professional like RJR Roofing!
  6. Tidy the Exterior
    Cleaning up the exterior can reveal any maintenance issues.Clear walkways of leaves and dirt, sweep porch and desks, and inspect shed roofs for potential leaks.

We hope you found these weatherproofing tips helpful! If you have any questions or are experiencing issues with your home please don’t hesitate to contact us!