There is so much talk about the benefits of locally grown food, a hometown bank, or a mom and pop restaurant.  But the idea doesn’t stop there– what about when it comes time to remodel your home or repairing water, storm, or fire damage to your home or business?  Hiring a local contractor offers the most benefits. Here’s why…

  • Shared Interests!  A local contractor is invested in your community.  Local contractors work in the communities they live in (or near) and are truly interested in the community’s financial and economical wellness– just as you are.
  • Support for your Community!  Hiring locally means more money stays in the community.  Spending within the community generates local tax dollars, which in turn supports necessary services, such as the police, fire fighters, and ambulances.  Also, local contractors typically have business partnerships with other local businesses and will utilize them for additional services and/or supplies.
  • Job Creation!  Hiring locally helps create new/additional job opportunities.  It’s as simple as supply and demand– when you hire locally you keep the businesses thriving and profitable, which creates the need for more employees.
  • Better service!  A local business that hires people who live in the communities they serve are more likely to be interested and concerned about meeting the needs of their customer and have a better understanding of the community as a whole.
  • Peace of Mind!  When hiring locally you have a better chance of being able to check references and to get a feel for the reputation of the contractor.  You also know where to find them when you have questions or concerns after the job is completed.

Reclaim is located in St. Charles. MO and has served the St. Charles and St. Louis areas for over 13 years.  This is our home– we are here to serve you!

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud offers great information.  You can visit their website here.